With demand for advances outstripping their own supply of capital, merchant cash advance funding companies are in need of additional capital.

Having vetted and selected several of those funding companies, Supervest provides accredited investors access to these funders, allowing them to participate in their deal originations, knowing that Supervest has not only performed full diligence, but will continue to monitor the funders’ deal flow and business.

Why choose to invest in merchant cash advances? Investing in merchant cash advances can be incredibly lucrative, due to both the high rate of interest on MCA contracts and the returns that MCA funding companies receive.

And risk? Allowing investors to diversify across many funding companies – and the thousands of merchants these funding companies advance to – Supervest puts investors’ funds to work, while ensuring the maximum exposure they have to each cash advance is just 5%.

Supervest was established after its founders discovered a unique investment opportunity in the world of merchant cash advances.

Prior to Supervest, opportunities to invest in MCAs were limited to a select few individuals who had ties to the merchant cash advance industry or larger institutions. Opportunities for retail investors looking to invest in MCA deals were almost entirely non-existent.

Leveraging over 50 years’ experience in the merchant cash advance space, Supervest’s founders understood the power of the asset class, and decided to create an investment platform for retail investors hungry to invest in the MCA space.

In creating the platform, Supervest now allows funders to provide capital to small business owners who would have otherwise been turned away by their own internal capital restraints, while providing accredited investors the ability to participate in this unique, high-yielding asset class.

In essence, Supervest has essentially created a new asset class for the accredited investor.

How it Works

Step 1. Those interested in investing in the MCA space with Supervest start by requesting a platform demonstration, which is carried out by a Supervest representative.

Step 2. From there, the investor completes an onboarding form and gets verified as an accredited investor.

Step 3. With that complete, the investor deposits funds to the platform.

Step 4. Supervest then uses its AI algorithm to match the investor with opportunities based on their risk profile created while onboarding.

Step 5. Now it’s time to start earning. Supervest’s fully transparent process details each of the various deals the investor has been matched with, providing access to essential info regarding each deal they have invested in.

By bridging the gap between retail investors and MCA funding companies, Supervest has reduced the barrier to entry into the merchant cash advance investing space, to provide simple, transparent opportunities for accredited investors to put their money to work.


• Supervest allows investors to keep a close eye on their investments, offering real time 24/7 access via its fully transparent online platform. Its robust investor reporting dashboard shows investors how their cash is syndicated across multiple opportunities, while allowing them to manage their investment from one place.

• Supervest utilises AI risk assessment software to analyse its funding opportunities and match investors to deals that align with their risk profile.




• Supervest offers investors access to multiple third party investments, as they diversify across thousands of individual deal opportunities within MCA, credit card acquisitions, real estate hard money, debt settlement, entertainment and consumer lending.

• Supervest syndicates investor capital across multiple advances to decrease risk and exposure for its investors.

• Supervest allows investors to start making money within days. The average advance only lasts between 3-12 months, which means investors can make a great return in a short period of time.

• Growth rates in the MCA industry over the past three years have been approximately 20%. By investing in merchant cash advance funds, investors help fuel the growth of businesses while targeting a healthy return on their investment.

• Unlike other platforms that lock investments away for a specific period of time, Supervest allows investors to get their money back within one day.


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