Perfitly allows buyers to create their own avatar, which they can then use to ‘try on’ clothes in any Perfitly-enabled online store. Using Perfitly’s visualisation tool, shoppers can enjoy a true-to-life view of how each garment with fit and look, to then purchase with confidence.

As they try on each item, they can size up, size down, zoom and rotate to help determine their perfect fit. No more relying on size charts or static photos, shoppers can see how their chosen look will fit, as they check out their accurate 3D avatar wearing an accurate smart 3D e-garment.

Using cutting-edge technology, Perfitly offers the only scalable, accurate, 3D visualisation tool on the market. This not only helps shoppers find and buy clothes that actually fit, it also allows e-commerce sites to increase conversion and reduce returns.

In terms of cost, for the shopper, the use and creation of their avatar is free. For the retailer, the cost is determined by the number of garments they want to add to their Perfitly dressing room, with pay-as-you-go and subscription payments available.

A few years back, one of Perfitly’s co-founders, Dave Sharma, was visiting his daughter in the city of Syracuse, United States. While there, he noticed the way in which his daughter would buy a large number of clothes online, try them on at home, then return the bulk of the items to the retailer.

Safe in the knowledge that returns were free, his daughter could buy and return as much as she liked. What got to Dave was the fact that the cost for the retailer certainly wasn’t free – and the cost to the environment wasn’t great either.

Mulling it over, Dave came up with the idea for Perfitly – a solution that would allow shoppers to see exactly how each item would look before buying online.

With Perfitly in place, shoppers could buy clothes online with more confidence, while saving retailers the cost of returns, and minimising waste packaging and the carbon footprint involved in sending out and returning unwanted clothes.

What Perfitly Offers

• Increased Conversion: Product pages enabled with Perfitly’s virtual fitting room convert at a higher rate, leading to more sales for the retailer. To date, deployments have delivered 50%+ increases.

• Reduced Returns: Helping shoppers get their size right the first time, Perfitly offers a significant decrease in returns. To date, deployments have delivered 50%+ decreases.

• Inventory Reduction: Providing reduced returns and better consumer and garment data, Perfitly helps retailers refine their design process, size allocations and inventory levels.

• Increased Customer Satisfaction: Using Perfitly, shoppers can benefit from a more confident, enjoyable shopping experience, allowing them to find their perfect fit while minimising the hassle of returns.

• Improves Sustainability: Perfitly allows retailers to reduce their carbon footprint by cutting waste, returns and the overall resources and capital needed to operate their business.

First up, the shopper creates their avatar. Using a few photos and some measurements, they can create a virtual avatar that is 97% accurate, allowing them to see exactly how each garment they try on will look and fit.

Next, Perfitly creates each e-garment according to retailer specifications. Garments are e-stitched to create a 3D, 99% accurate ‘e-replica’ of each item within the retailer’s virtual dressing room. Virtual garments include all fabric properties, including density, weight, stiffness, stretch and friction to ensure it sits on the avatar just as it would in real life.




When the shopper finds an item they want to try on, they simply click the ‘try it on’ button to see and interact with their avatar wearing the Perfitly recommended size. From there, the shopper can choose to size up or down, zoom and rotate their avatar 360° to see how the garment looks from all angles, and create their individualised perfect fit.

And, as bodies change over time, Perfitly makes it easy for shoppers to update their avatar in a few quick steps anytime they want.


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