Our Story.

Pixel Capital Pty Ltd is the brainchild of internet pioneer Roland Bleyer and was formed to invest in great tech ideas.

We ran our first .com startup in 1995 before the industry exploded. Our contacts span the globe, we understand what works, let our experience guide you.

There at the start and still driving. Leading a global team of extraordinary people.

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We are excited about our past achievements. They lead us into the future. Tomorrow is the new today.

More than funds

In addition to investing with funds, we provide a broad range of services to ensure your project has the best opportunity to thrive in competitive landscapes.

‘’I am passionate about helping the right technology thrive. Together we can make a difference by supporting the right startups for a better world. ‘’

Roland Bleyer





‘’The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ‘’

Eleanor Roosevelt

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. -Anne Frank