With a mission to make regular health checks of important conditions accessible to each and every person around the world, Helfie aims to help save lives and prevent suffering, while reducing health care costs.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Helfie partners with global healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics and private practices, as well as aged care facilities, retailers, researchers and insurers, in order to make healthcare convenient and accessible to all.

Using AI learning, Helfie can assess various conditions to provide a suspected diagnosis or risk profile. If needed, the user can then be connected to a real doctor for further analysis and treatment.

Obviously, Helfie’s scope of assessment is limited, and its creators are mindful of reminding its users that suspected diagnoses are no substitute for a personal consultation, diagnosis or treatment by a doctor.

With that in mind, however, users can utilise the app to assess their condition, potentially saving time and money before seeking professional help.

Here’s how it works.

Cough AI

Helfie’s Cough AI can be used to assess and analyse users’ risk of asthma, tuberculosis, croup, bronchitis, ILD, COPD and general lung health.

Users with a cough that they suspect may be a symptom of COVID-19 can use Helfie’s Cough AI to analyse their cough, assess their respiratory health, and identify signs of COVID-19 in seconds.

By analysing specific sounds within each cough and mapping the cough’s energy, Helfie uses this information, along with answers to a few simple questions, to determine the risk of COVID with precision.

Helfie’s Cough AI technology has been trained on more than 48,000 coughs by doctors who are highly experienced in detecting and treating coughs. It offers a 95% accuracy rate for those with a cough as a symptom.

Alongside being easy and convenient to use, these tests are also more environmentally friendly than RATs and PCR tests, utilising fewer plastics that will end up in landfill.

While this is available on an individual level, Helfie also provides bulk subscription arrangements for employers, governments, schools and any other organisation that needs to test staff, customers, students or communities on a regular basis.

The app is free to download. Users can opt to pay for a single test, or pay a weekly or monthly cost to benefit from unlimited tests during that period of time.

Knowing that skin cancer can be easily prevented and is 100% curable with early detection, Helfie also offers users a cheap and easy way to access regular skin cancer screenings, simply using their device.


Using the Helfie app, users take a photo of any skin spots, moles or lesions. The image is then analysed by the Helfie Skin AI, which creates a risk analysis for each suspected issue.




Helfie’s Skin AI has been trained by leading skin cancer doctors and has diagnosed over 70,000 images of skin spots, moles and lesions. In terms of accurately diagnosing issues, the AI has a 91.05% accuracy rate on skin spots and moles, and a 96.17% accuracy rate on lesions.

After the AI has done its thing, the image is assessed by a qualified skin doctor with years of industry experience. Helfie’s doctors are drawn from networks including Sun Doctors (Australia), and each doctor sees hundreds of patients a year.

The app is free to download, and for each image users send, they pay $3 to cover both the AI assessment and the remote consultation with a trained skin doctor.


Making the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections accessible to everyone, Helfie STI aims to help people can get better sooner and avoid the critical consequences of untreated infections, while also helping to prevent the spread of infection.


Providing a private, anonymous check for sexually transmitted infections, Helfie STI lets users find out what they may have contracted using Helfie’s STI AI. From there, they can connect with a doctor for a medical consultation or to receive a prescription.

The STI AI was created by leading researchers and doctors in the field of sexually transmitted infections, and has been trained alongside 10,000+ clinical patients. It provides an accuracy rate of 96.05% on STI diagnosis.

To use Helfie STI, the user has to answer the AI’s questions, to then receive an assessment (in the form of a percentage) of what they are most likely to have contracted. The AI also provides a description of that condition, as well as an explanation of how to handle it.

The doctors on the Helfie STI network are experienced in treating sexually transmitted infections, and are able to provide users with a medical diagnosis, schedule tests, or help with treatments depending on what each individual user needs.




Not content to rest on its laurels, Helfie is working on providing users with further assessment and diagnosis tools on its app in the near future.

These updates will potentially allow Helfie users to monitor their vital signs in real time, check their blood pressure and assess their stress levels, by taking into account heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, HRV and lung health.



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