Trusted by more than 50,000 families, Gryphon currently offers three router options, each one delivering the power of effective parental controls and simplified network security.

As Gryphon itself says, a Gryphon router isn’t just a router. It’s a hub designed to allow parents to monitor their kids online, while providing that family’s first line of defence against digital dangers.

As such, Gryphon provides total protection against screen time addiction, adult websites, inappropriate content, hackers and personal privacy threats.

Why was Gryphon created?

CEO and Co-Founder, John Wu, created Gryphon after his daughter stumbled onto inappropriate content Googling “princesses”.

Finding existing solutions unintuitive, unwieldy, and worst of all, ineffective, Wu also discovered most systems were also difficult to use, and easy for kids to bypass.

In response, Wu created his own solution in Gryphon.

Giving parents the power to block websites, set time limits, and track usage for any device on their network, Wu also ensured Gryphon’s controls were impossible for kids to hack, simply because turning them off also shuts off their internet.

In addition to all that, Gryphon was also created to secure families’ homes from hackers and privacy threats.


Families can choose from Gryphon’s three router options, making their decision based on factors such as the size of their home, their internet service speed, and the number of connected devices.

Providing up to 279sqm. of Wi-Fi coverage, the Gryphon AX is Gryphon’s fastest router. Designed to suit larger houses using lots of tech, this option allows families to connect all their devices without any loss in speed or quality.

The system provides secure internet access and management to all household devices and users on a single mesh network, backed by comprehensive parental controls and firewall security.

This router also uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, securely increasing speed and bandwidth for all devices. This makes it a great option for parents who work from home, kids who home-school, smart homes, and families who enjoy gaming.

Also providing up to 279sqm. of Wi-Fi coverage, the Gryphon Tower is designed to be the ideal solution for families looking to upgrade to a secure and speedy mesh network system.

As the company’s original model, the Gryphon Tower was the router that allowed Gryphon to make a name for itself, delivering an award-winning parental control system, intelligent network security and Wi-Fi performance.

Providing up to 167sqm. of Wi-Fi coverage, the Gryphon Guardian is the company’s most affordable option for families looking to add parental controls and greater security to their existing system.

This router can be used in conjunction with a non-Gryphon router to add firewall security and parental controls to a network.

Priding itself on its simplicity, Gryphon’s system is both easy to set up and easy to manage. Here’s how it’s set up.

A number of Gryphon Guardian routers can also be used within one household to increase coverage, with a Gryphon Guardian 3-pack providing up to 465sqm. of coverage.

• Working with all types of internet services, the Gryphon router simply replaces the router provided by your internet service provider, or is used in conjunction with your modem/router combo.

• With that in place, download the Gryphon Connect app (available on iOS and Android) to install Gryphon. Once installed, you can use the app to manage your Gryphon system from anywhere.

• Set up profiles for each of your family members, to manage screen time limits, set device and app usage limits, and apply web content filters based on each user’s age.




Working in tandem with the Gryphon router, the Gryphon Connect app allows parents to manage every device on their network directly from their phone. This lets them implement parental controls, monitor their network security, and keep an eye on each of their kid’s internet activity, no matter where they are.

• Filter content: Using the app, parents can filter content based on each child’s age, or to personalise content according to their family’s needs. Gryphon has 1.2 million blocked sites stored locally. It also utilises aggregated website reputation ratings from multiple sources, including other parents.

• Set daily screen time limits: Parents can limit daily usage of video games, devices, apps and websites, while also setting defined usage for homework times and bedtimes.

• Suspend the internet: Parents who want instant, non-negotiable family time can switch off the internet with just a touch of a button.

• View web browsing history: Parents can use Gryphon to view each child’s web browsing history, even when their child deletes it.

• Manage screen time requests: Parents have the option to allow or deny screen time requests in real-time, or reward additional time for chores or good behaviour.

• Gain security from hackers and privacy threats: Offered as an additional service at an extra cost, Gryphon Premium Protection provides every user and device in the network 24/7 protection from intrusion by hackers and dangerous malware.


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