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Formulating and manufacturing its own proprietary premium organic potting soils and soil amendments, Good Earth Organics’ products are certified for organic growing and are optimised to improve plant performance and boost quality.

Working together to bring the right nutrients to plants at different stages of growth, its potting soils and amendments can be used for indoor, hydroponic and outdoor growers.

In using these soils and amendments, growers can yield bountiful, toxin-free plants that are free from synthetic chemicals, inorganic pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins that plants typically absorb from media.

Good Earth Organics was founded in 2008 in the ‘Emerald Triangle’ of Southern Oregon by lifelong organic gardener and career chemist, Roy Leon.

With a passion for organic farming, Leon knew he could build a better potting soil than what was then available on the market.

Endeavouring to craft the perfect soil – soil that was airy enough to allow roots to easily grow, and with the right balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus for plants to thrive – Leon’s dream led to the founding of Good Earth Organics.

Since 2008, commercial cultivators and home gardeners alike have come to rely on Good Earth Organics’ soils and nutrients to grow lush, bountiful and delicious plants.

When Leon retired in 2016, he sold the business to Tim Clark, who also shared his passion for clean, living soil, and who had a vision to bring the Good Earth Organics line of products to growers throughout the United States.

Good Earth Organics Products

Good Earth Organics sells its range of potting soils, nutrients and amendments instore within its own retail outlets, and through resellers throughout the United States. It also offers online sales via sites such as Amazon and local resellers across the country.

Here are just some of the soils Good Earth Organics offers within its range.

Cloud 9 Premium Organic Potting Soil is a light, fluffy potting soil with a pH of 5.8 to 6.2. Containing only coir, aged forest products, basalt and perlite, this soil is perfect for seed and starter gardeners seeking fast-draining potting soil that keeps plants at their optimum moisture levels.

Gaia’s Gift Premium Organic Potting Soil blends a nitrogen-rich assortment of organic and natural nutrients that promote lush vegetative growth and bountiful plant production. This soil is ideal for maximising the yield of mature, nitrogen-loving plants.

Zen Blend Premium Organic Potting Soil is Good Earth Organics’ most versatile blend for growing flowers, vegetables and fruits and is adaptable to outdoor, indoor and greenhouse growing environments. It is a light, fast-draining mix that is safe for cuttings and seedlings, and is great for gardeners who prefer to tailor their fertilisation.

Buying online, gardeners and growers can access Good Earth Organics’ full range of organic amendments, organic fertilisers, organic soils and pest management solutions, as well as Good Earth Organics merchandise.

Applying a best practice approach to everything it does, Good Earth Organics prides itself on being an organic and eco-friendly company with a commitment to providing an education-minded service approach.


As such, it treats its customers like partners, and works hard to help growers succeed, whether on a 1000-acre farm, a backyard or a window planter.

Producing Onsite

Good Earth Organics’ living soils are carefully crafted from the finest natural organic ingredients at its onsite facilities. From here, the company tests, blends, packages and distributes a variety of proprietary organic potting soils and soil amendments.

These are available in a range of smaller size bags for home growers, as well as palletised bags, one and two yard totes, and truck loads of any size for wholesale needs.




Providing for Wholesale

In terms of its wholesale offering, Good Earth Organics is the trusted organic soil and amendment choice for growers seeking the biggest yields and the purest plants.

Matching its level of service with the quality and purity of its soil, its team works with its wholesale customers to ensure they get what they need to optimise yield, meet environmental commitments, and manage costs.

Cannabis Growers

‘Home grow’ cannabis is now permitted in 20 of the 37 legal cannabis states throughout the United States. Recognising the potential for growth within this market, Good Earth Organics provides its range to buyers looking for premium soil to grow their own cannabis plants.

As such, Good Earth Organics produces and markets premium organic potting soils and nutrients formulated to maximise cannabis and hemp flower growth and yield, featuring high mineral nutrient levels, excellent water-holding capacity, and optimised pH ranges.

Its proprietary soil blends are approved for organic growing by OMRI and Clean Green. So, not only are plants grown with GEO products free from synthetic chemicals, inorganic pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins, they also help to ensure growers pass strict state testing requirements for purity.


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