Box Sociaal.

Creating a local hangout well situated within Amsterdam’s Plantage neighbourhood, Box Sociaal has become a firm favourite for its all-day brunch menu, which is served daily from 9am to 4pm.

Alongside its brunch offering, Box Sociaal continues to deliver by serving up dinner on selected evenings.

Drinks, of course, are not neglected. With locally roasted coffee a favourite on the menu, Box Sociaal sets a high standard with its awesome selection of hand-picked natural wines, bespoke cocktails and delicious beers.

On top of that, the eatery provides boutique catering options, monthly trivia nights, and for true devotees of the brand, merchandise.

The Story behind Box Sociaal

Box Sociaal is the brainchild of Yudhi Srinivasan and Alex Than Aye, old friends from Sydney who spent many years living abroad.

After returning to Sydney at around the same time, the pair decided they wanted to open a café together. However, Sydney’s new regulations regarding the city’s nightlife led them to seek out an alternative base of operations.

Box Sociaal officially opened during the Amsterdam Coffee Festival weekend in February 2018. Quickly becoming a favourite hangout for locals, the eatery has seen praise on both social media and TripAdvisor, ensuring those who are new to town know exactly where to go.

Things are going so well, in fact, there will be two new Box Sociaal locations opening up through 2023. The second location will find its home in the Jordaan neighbourhood in Amsterdam, while the third will open its doors in Rotterdam.

What’s in a Name?

Box Sociaal’s name derives from the term ‘box social’, which was a fun concept that gained popularity in North American during the 1900s.

How it worked was a group of women would decorate cardboard boxes, then fill them with dinners-for-two.

The women would then present the boxes anonymously to a group of men, each of whom would bid on the boxes in the hopes of gaining the attention of the woman he had his on, while also filling his belly with a delicious dinner.

While at Box Sociaal, there is no bidding on dinners – or women for that matter – it does encourage the concept that dining should bring people together to have fun and eat great food.

Stellar Service

While Amsterdam eateries may not always be known for offering the highest levels of service, Box Sociaal turns that on its head.

Coming from a country that prides itself on its excellent service within the hospitality industry, Srinivasan and Than Aye wanted to ensure one of the things Box Sociaal became known for was its amazing service.

Which is why, when you visit Box Sociaal, the service is welcoming and friendly, and the vibe its staff creates is not only positive, but positively contagious.

What’s on the Menu? Taking a look at Box Sociaal’s menu, you will notice that many items cleverly incorporate local flavours and ingredients, while taking inspiration from the eatery’s Aussie roots.

It’s also worth mentioning that everything is made from scratch at Box Sociaal, from the ketchup to their sausage patties.

Not only does this allow Box Social to create each item on its menu exactly as it wants it to taste, it also ensures there is as little waste as possible from the beautiful products they cook with.

With fabulous weekly specials on offer, the Box Sociaal menu for brunch, dinner and cocktails changes over time. So, while diners may enjoy the eatery’s classics, there are always new dishes arriving to keep the menu fresh.




Eating at Box Sociaal

As an example, for brunch Mortgage on Toast pairs smashed avocado, sesame chilli broccoli and edamame with pickled beetroot, radish and a parmesan togarashi crisp, stacked on local sourdough.

For those with a sweet tooth, Glazed and Confused offers up fat, fluffy cinnamon buttermilk pancakes, heaped with warm blueberry compote, decadent cream cheese glaze, cinnamon streusel and fresh blueberries.

If you visit for dinner, consider a share plate of Haloumi Fries with mint yoghurt, pomegranate molasses and fresh pomegranate. For a main, you may want to tickle your tastebuds with the Sociaal Standaard or The Parmy, followed up by Chocolate Fondant.

Want to wet your whistle? While classic cocktails are available on request, Box Sociaal’s cocktail menu is well worth exploring.

Brunch favourites include the Middenlaan Mimosa, which combines fresh OJ, strawberry, orange blossom and Prosecco; and the Bloody Oath Sambal Mary, which blends vodka, house sambal mary mix, ruby port, lemon juice, tomato juice and celery.

In the evening, the Stroopwafel Espresso Martini is sure to impress, as it mixes Stroopwafel vodka, Licor 43, coffee liqueur, espresso, chocolate bitters and stroopwafeltje.


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