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Pixel Capital Pty Ltd is the brainchild of internet pioneer Roland B. Bleyer and was formed to develop websites, smartphone applications, and tech-based businesses. In addition to investing with funds, we provide a broad range of services to ensure your project has the best opportunity to thrive in the competitive online landscape.

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Consulting / Mentoring

We ran our first site in 1995 before the industry exploded. Our contacts span the globe, we know what works, let our experience guide you.

Web Development / Marketing

We lead a world-class team of industry experts in Australia, America and Europe to maximise your web presence.

Project Funding

We are currently looking for great concepts that are seeking an experienced partner and/or seed funding up to $100,000.

We invest in right now.

We own a large range of high quality, premium domain names that could be perfect for your next online venture. We can supply these for use at no cost, reducing your capital spend to get your project off the ground.

If you have a great online business idea, and you’re looking for a successful and experienced internet expert, get in touch with us today.

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